In order for insurance to remain in effect, the homeowner must take “reasonable care” to protect their property from further damage. Once permission is obtained, our first responsibility is to protect and weatherproof the building. This includes covering any damaged window or door opening to safeguard the contents. Reactivating electrical power is essential for temporary lighting, preventing refrigerator and freezer thaw, and re-energizing the furnace during cold winter months. Water is extracted from carpets to protect wood floors.

Our estimating team observes the damage (obvious and structural), and takes complete notes, accurate measurements, and comprehensive photographs. Using our knowledge of current market-condition cost analysis and our restoration and construction experience, we promptly compile a comprehensive estimate to present to the insurance company’s adjuster.

Homeowners should be fairly compensated for their loss and cost of replacement of personal property. A satisfactory agreement, regarding the scope and cost, must be reached by all parties — the homeowner, the homeowner’s insurance company, and the restoration company. Because of our extensive knowledge of the insurance repair industry, we are able to settle promptly and efficiently for a fair and equitable amount. Our comprehensive estimate then becomes the project check list, detailing all repairs involved. Before each element of work begins, the homeowner is informed and consulted so there are few, if any, surprises in the process.

When settlement is agreed upon with the owner’s insurance company, repair and restoration begins with the goal of restoring the property as efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality. To ensure that, a foreman is assigned to oversee every project and is available to answer any questions. Only the best skilled craftsmen are employed and only quality material is used to ensure your satisfaction upon completion.

• Emergency Water Extraction
• Mold Remediation
• Complete Rebuilds
• Structural Drying
• Emergency Board Up
• Structural Repairs
• Smoke Odor Removal
• Wood Floor Drying
• Content Cleaning & Storage
• Carpet Cleaning
• Document Drying & Restoration