Mold is a sneaky, insidious devil, finding its way into your walls, under your carpets, and behind your cabinets and appliances. Unless water damage is treated correctly by professionals, mold and mildew will follow as sure as night follows day.

Mold and mildew are both fungi. Mildew is typically gray or white and powdery or downy; mold can be red, black, green, or blue and is often fuzzy or slimy.

Mildew is not toxic but can cause allergy problems. It is more of an inconvenience as well as being an eyesore. Mold is all those as well, but in significant amounts, over a period of time, or with certain strains, can be incapacitating and even deadly.

Small amounts of mold and mildew may be cleaned up by hand using commercial cleaning products identified for the job. Any significant area, however, should be handled by professionals because the potential danger is far too great a risk to be undertaken without the proper tools and training.

Once mold damage has been treated, carpets and furniture should be cleaned and sanitized and the air filtered with a HEPA vacuum system.

We are trained and certified in mold remediation. We have a fleet of the largest cleaning trucks in NE Ohio. Give us a call and let us determine the condition and severity of your mold problem.